JB LEDs About - JbLEDs

Our Vision: A unique blend of LED light manufacturing and uncomplicated customer service.

JB LEDs is a newly founded LED lighting manufacturer based in Melbourne, Australia.
Under JB Lighting PTY LTD that was established in 1993, JB LEDs has emerged and is now focusing on LED specific products.

We specialise in linear LED products. With our design and engineering expertise, we are creating innovations in the industry by exceeding traditional design and application boundaries. We incorporate the latest technology into our range. By doing this we not only achieve a position of competitiveness in the market but we also deliver quality LED solutions. In relation, we are constantly pursuing new energy saving technologies as well, making sure we focus on green energy products to ensure a brighter and greener future.

We distribute Australia wide and are striving to achieve global status.
By having matured and cultivated relationships within our industry, this allows us to provide these services:

Our Services:

  • Custom Made Linear Lighting
  • Importing and the distribution of a range of LED based lighting products
  • Specified Projects
  • Alternative Projects
  • Raw Materials For Lighting Purposes
  • Lighting Design and Engineering

Please contact info@jbleds.com to discuss specific project requirements and acquire further details on our products.